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Help why isnt my word documents saving to the folder?

so im in school i have to turn in word document and powerpoint presentation. i have office 360 account and i did save as . im using a acer chrome n i cant afford another co mputer to return this. lab top the only computer i have and everytime i press save as for a written document on microsoft word it says it saved to One Drive but the document is not there on the saved folders. older ones yeah, but whenjust 2 weeks ago no matter what i save is not working. n i need to turn in these online papers.

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    when you hit "save as", it will ask where you want to save the file.

    you cannot save to a file outside of OneDrive on a Chromebook. to save to a file locally, access a non-Chromebook computer, and save it from OneDrive. surely the school has computers you can use...

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