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Missing first leg of booking, leading to cancel consecutive flights involving 6 flights? ?


Do any one had missed the first leg of the round trip(international) which involved more than 6 flights inbetween?

If so did you rebooked it?

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  • 8 months ago

    If you already missed the first flight then you call the airline or go to their customer service counter at the airport to try to salvage the itinerary.

    If you are asking this (again) because you are worried you might miss your first flight then if you realize missing the flight is going to happen you need to call the airline as soon as you realize that.  It is important to call the airline > before < your first flight is scheduled to depart.  

  • 8 months ago

    You will want the airline to help you rebook assuming it was their fault.  If it was your fault, then you can still ask for help, but the airline may or may not be willing to help.

  • MS
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    8 months ago

    If you miss the first leg of an itinerary, all of the rest will be canceled.  You could attempt to rebook, but it would be at a very expensive cost since it would be a last-minute booking.  

  • 8 months ago

    If you make arrangements within 2 hours of departure of the missed flight, the flight it not "lost".  You may need to pay a re-booking fee at that point and any difference in fare.

    Sometimes I travel 4 weeks a month.  I've missed many flights.  I've never not contacted the airlines within the 2 hour time limit. 

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