Count of Monte Cristo Help?

I have to do this project on count of Monte Cristo for school and I need to find 20 metaphors with the pages they are on and 20 similes. HELP!!!?


I can't find any!!!

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  • Andrew
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    Allow me to be of some assistance to you here...

    I see that you opened this account an hour ago and this is your first and only question. I must say that it does feel good to tell you that we don't field questions from lazy students here, so unfortunately for you, no one is going to do your homework assignment for you. 

    However, I don't have any problem telling you how to do it.  

    First, you'll need a copy of the novel and a dictionary. 

    Open the dictionary and look up the word "metaphor." There ought to be a few examples there. Then, look up the word "simile" and you will see  the definition and some examples. At that point, you will know what they are and will be capable of spotting them in a piece of text. 

    Next, open the novel and start reading. Ideally you ought to have read the novel through at least once already, but we all know that you haven't, so let's not waste time talking about that. If you're not interested in reading, you could attempt to skim and scan looking for the examples that you need, but for an inexperienced reader I think it would be unlikely that you'd be able to find them all that way. 

    Lastly, identify the requisite number of examples that you need, and record them and the page numbers on which they can be found. And after that you ought to be all set. 

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