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how does one live and work with furries, aka members of the furry fandom?

I want seen a documentary that said there's that furries live and work with one another, sounds really nice I want it

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    You "want seen" a documentary. Yes, there are people with different habits and desires all over the place.

    If you had a job you would need to worry about that. In the meantime, just keep wearing your furry costume and living in Mommy's basement.

  • Sky
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    10 months ago

    You might live or work with furries already and not know it.  Furries are everywhere and work in every industry and field.  You could have a coworker who's a furry who keeps that part of his/her life private.  If you have roommates, how do you know one of them isn't a furry.  But as far as intentionally setting things up so that you are living and/or working with other furries, that's something you'd have to make an effort to do.  Being a furry and becoming an active part of the furry fandom is a good start because that would help you make friends with other furries and find those who live near you.  If you and some other furries get along really well when you're together and everyone is in the right situation in life where they can move, it would be possible to move in together and be roommates with 2 or 3 other furries.  Now, I've heard the stereotypical phrase that "furries make terrible roommates" because of being irresponsible and lazy, but in my experience EVERY roommate is irresponsible and lazy whether furries or not.  Plus there are furry youtube channels where the furry has other roommates who are furries, and their home looks great.  So really, the home is what you all make of it.

    As far as working with other furries, it would sort of be the same thing of having to make an effort of getting together with other furries to start something.  People start their own businesses all the time, and there's no reason it couldn't be several furries who start a business if they have a good idea and everyone has the talent to make it happen.  A common furry business is fursuit building, but it doesn't have to be a furry-related business.  It could be a web hosting business, computer and electronic device repair, business consulting, construction and home improvement...whatever those involved have some expertise in.

    If you want to live and/or work with other furries, it's not going to just happen.  You have to make it happen.

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