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Do boomers think they work that much harder than everyone else?

Barely anyone in my area younger than 30 are living even moderately prosperous lifestyles or have much to show for it.  Yet most of our parents by the time they were mid 20s already had nice houses, families with kids, and a job that payed well for the economy(not to mention was probably not to hard to acquire).  Now the boomers manage companies and want to pay younger adults crap, to only deepen the companies margins or to put more money in their own pockets(by raises or equivalents).  This seems fairly poor and inhuman due to the fact that many of them hardly even had to graduate high school and are rather unintelligent - make several poor choices and such.

I have been told several times that it is just harder to make a living now than it use to be.  which makes sense due to competition and other factors I hopefully don't have to spell out, but really who's to blame for it all.  Institutions run by money hungry boomers...

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    I am a Boomer, but I understand what you are saying. We are all starting to face an economy that is plateauing and in the early stages of decline. Boomers were fortunate to arrive on the scene when our post-WWII worldwide economic system was still flourishing. That is not to say it was all smooth sailing for Boomers, either, but that system is starting to decay before our eyes and many Millennials, and soon the generation behind them, are starting to feel the pinch. I don't have to go on about student loan debt, we have all heard it before and now something has to be done to take the boot off the necks of former students. 

    There is a political economist I rather like (Gar Alperovitz) who says we are in the early stages of decay and decline, but that many alternative locally based institutions are in the beginning stages of emerging. The main reason partly stems what you have noticed: decay, pain, more decay, more pain and eventually people look around with friends and neighbors and cry for help. However, the fixes used in the past whether from Washington or your state capitol will increasingly not work. That will leave people locally to say, "F**k all y'all, we will do it on our own!" 

    Maybe you and your colleagues can begin to look at alternatives. I don't pretend to have all the answers, but like to think I have enough insight to see the bridge is out ahead and it won't get fixed if we just shut up and keep driving. Maybe the link below will inspire you to something economically and environmentally sustainable, prosperous, and satisfying at several levels.

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    It seems you prefer to blame others for your issues instead of taking responsibility and fixing the issues.

    You also seem to think poorly of boomers [''are rather unintelligent - make several poor choices and such''] as if a different generation were better or more intelligent.

    Blaming others won't fix the issue. Boomers did not have it easier, they just so happened to have bought cheap properties in the past which have developed causing prices to rise, thus properties in that area are now more expensive.

    I say work smart and hard. ''Rome was not built in a day''.

    My father at age 25 had a house paid off, a jetski, suv's cars and a family. At that age i did not. I have a lady and a condo now, i have also traveled more then my father ever traveled.

    I used to think like you but then i thought about the fact that my father worked in the city, and had a hell of a commute every day to the country where he bought cheap property.

    Success can be attained by anyone, the path is not always the same.

  • Zirp
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    10 months ago

    stupid generalisations are always stupid, regardless of whether they are about da kneegrows, da jews or da boomers

  • Oiy
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    10 months ago

    The past is something where you can't go there again. Economically, ex post is just a thing to learn to predict the new thing.

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  • 10 months ago

    Nonsense. You have a very distorted view of what boomers went through. Let's start with the fact that when the early boomers graduated from college, no one hired women for anything but typing and clerical jobs. Jobs were still advertised, "Men only". At 30, I had a cheap apartment, board and brick bookcases, and a couple of $15 chairs. Even when I was married, to a systems analyst, I shopped for meat that was less than a dollar a pound because we couldn't afford anything else. Then we went through double digit inflation in the 70s when housing became way out of reach for most people. I didn't know anyone who had a nice house in their 20s. 

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    no, they just got good jobs, you should be trying to do the same. 

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