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Could a fully united USA with both people and politics defeat Iran, China, and Russia at the same time?

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    The thing is, people tend to count God out of the mix. People on the Left tend to not even believe it's rational to figure him in.

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  • thesun
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    8 months ago

    The US couldn't beat an under 12 baseball team armed only with plastic bats..

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Would this be country who er suffered the Vietnam war syndrome? A superpower versus a backward swamp! USA dumped more bombs onto Vietnam then in WW2.

    Not to mention USA waltzed in late to WW1&2! Though the way hollywood uses propaganda you'd think uncle Sammy  won single handed!

    Or who lost to ISIS? Until Russia decided to decimate the sh1t out of them!

    Or the countless other debacles ..Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Syria etc.

    USA is about flogging arms, proliferating arms globally, not fighting to win.

    That doesn't do much arm sales PROFITS!

    The CIA already did Iran in 1953, called A COUP! Outcome 1979 Iran became a a THEOCRACY. All uncle sammy' doing!

    And Reagan and the church has a hand an arm an leg, in toppling the USSR. Outcome Putin! Who stands up for the sovereignty of Russia!

    As for China who do you suppose is being the protests in Hong Kong? USA! To hurt China! To stop it toppling USA. As a superpower!


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