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How do I do these Spanish problems?

I have absolutely no clue how to do these can you tell me the answers and how you got them?? My final is next week and I am freaking out.

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    You just need to conjugate the verbs in parentheses in the appropriate form of the present tense. Spanish verbs match in number and person with the subject, so you must choose the endings according to the subject. Most of these verbs are irregular and need some changes in the stem. 

    1. Celia y Paco CIERRAN la ventana.  

    (Subject: Celia y Paco = Ellos ---> cIErrAN)

    2. Elena le PIDE su libro.  

    (Subject: Elena = Ella ---> pidE)

    3. Usted PIERDE la cartera.

    (Subject: Usted ---> pIErdE)

    4. Yo VEO películas todo el tiempo.

    (Subject: Yo ---> veO)

    5. Tú PONES la pluma en el escritorio.

    (Subject: Tú ---> ponES)

    6. Nosotras CONSEGUIMOS una rebaja excelente.

    (Subject: Nosotras ---> conseguiMOS)

    7. Marlene y Patricia VUELVEN a México.  

    (Subject: Marlene y Patricia = Ellas ---> vUElvEN)

    8. Ustedes SALEN los viernes por la noche.

    (Subject: Ustedes ---> salEN)

    9. Él DUERME muchas horas al día.

    (Subject: Él ---> dUErmE)

    10. Roberto y yo SABEMOS la verdad.  

    (Subject: Roberto y yo = Nosotros ---> sabeMOS)

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    So you have a final......... and don't know one of the most basic fundamentals of most languages........ you obviously didn't learn ANYTHING and deserve to fail.

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    8 months ago

    Celia y Paco cierran la ventana (Celia and Paco close the window.).

    Elena le pidió su libro (Elena asked for his book.).

    Usted perdió la cartera ( You lost your wallet.).

    Yo veo películas todo el tiempo (I watch movies all the time.).

    Tu pones la pluma en el escritorio (You put the pen on the desk.).

    Nosotras estamos consiguiendo una rebaja excelente ( We are getting an excellent discount.).

    Marlene y Patricia vuelven a México (Marlene and Patricia are coming from Mexico.).

    Ustedes salen los viernes por la noche (You go on Friday nights.).

    El duerme muchas horas al dia (He sleeps many hours during the day.).

    Roberto y yo sabemos la verdad (Robert and I know the truth.).

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