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I,m active,even more than my man that is love here,what to do to rebring a relaxation for head atmosphere of fresh to my house?

I,m active and thinker at all!How ever,that,s a logical matter,a way that I have to say with beings of enemies alot ,a matter which bring me obstacles of lot,I have to be moving and groaning.Usually by it,my husband catches migraine,help me that I can become able to refresh my life.I think you are whole intellectuals!So was there an answer about this tragedy(My jaw aches by!!!).

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    Grace it with your presence thanks, that

    should introduce some calmness thanks.


    Very Best Wishes


    Source:) Rough guess.

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    It looks like you used atranslation tool that did not do a very good job! So, I'm guessing you are talking about anxiety, not activity. With that in mind, to calm yourself, try avoiding cruel or violent tv and video games for a few days, learn to meditate, go for quiet walks, focus on today not tomorrow, drink chamomille tea, listen to calm boring music, exercise, talk to your doctor about meds, and go to therapy. Lastly, when you find yourself worrying, think of other possibilities that are less worrying.

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