would superman get a reverse farmer's tan?

For humans, skin gets darker in areas exposed to sunlight to try to protect it. Very light skin burns easily because doesn't have protection.

Superman runs on sunlight, so he would want as much exposure as possible. 

Would his skin get lighter in the areas exposed to sunlight to absorb as much as possible, creating a reverse farmer's tan?

related question: how much skin does superman need to expose to get prime amount of energy? should his costume be more skimpy or does he just nude sunbathe like on a roof every day to build battery power? should he be showing more midriff? 

I am 1000% serious on this.

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    8 months ago
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    White skin reflects sunlight, dark skin absorbs more sunlight.

    I think you're meaning that Melanin absorbs UV radiation and prevents damage to cells, but still... darker skin = more absorbed energy.

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