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(Dragonball) Android 17, what was he doing during the Buu Saga?

In Dragonball Super, Android 17 is shawn to be strong enough to fight SSJ-Blue Goku. Android 17 doesn't have any wild transformation power up. Which means he got his power up from push-ups, sit-ups, and drinking plenty of juice. He needs to be stronger than Super Buu during the Buu Saga to be able to match SSJ-Blue Goku because there is no way he can jump form Android Saga strength to SSJ-Blue strength in 3 years or he would had surpassed Beerus a long time ago.

So what was Android 17 doing when Buu was destroying the Earth if he was sooooo stronge?... Was he sitting on the pooper for like 10 days or something?

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    You do understand that the first rule of shonen is "continuality doesn't matter at all." Each arc is really its own contained universe, after the arc is over you can reset or change anything at will.

    Even then, you can kill people in plain sight and bring them back the next episode saying "now they're back" with no one complaining.

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    After the Cell Saga he got a job as a park ranger at a wildlife preserve, even got married and started his own family.  Toriyama himself declared this so it's canon.  You actually see him briefly in the Buu Saga contributing to the spirit bomb while on duty.

    I haven't watched Super.  From what I've heard and know it throws weird wrenches into things and power scaling gets way out of hand.  But that's what 17 has been up to.

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