Should I accept this trade? ?

I have a Gopro Hero 7 Black with extras and I need cash. I'm selling for 299obo and someone offered to trade for a DJI Phantom Pro 3 4k with Nanuk waterproof case. I would try to sell it if I did the trade but I'm not sure because they are posted for 600 or so online but I can't tell if they are selling for that much. Ebay listings are scarce for them and if they exist then there are no bids. I don't want to trade for something no one wants. Which is the market bigger for right now? 


I'm doing it. I asked other sellers on OfferUp and they were getting offers at 400 which is lower than they want but twice as much as I would've gotten. Praise God! Thanks anyways everyone. 

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    If you need cash,  

    there is no good in accepting anything else 

    in exchange for the item you intend to part with. 


    Don't waste time considering other options. 

    • Crevan2 months agoReport

      Well if the drone is worth twice what I can make for the camera then I'm interested but I want people who know the drone circle to advise if it's smart. Thanks though

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  • 2 months ago

    There are few demands for drones because it’s a pain to use it.  It needs to be registered with the FAA. In some countries like Singapore, you need to get permission to fly it, even if it’s a public place like a park. In the US, you can’t fly it in airports unless you want it shut down and the police come looking for you. 

    The novelty kind of worn off. YouTubers that used to use drones no longer use them. 

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