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How to become a Independant Beauty Consultant? ?

How to become a Independent  Beauty Consultant? Where to find clients? What services do I offer and what to charge? Thank you. 

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    I have a relative and a friend who are that.  Sorry but I don't know their backgrounds. One used to work in makeup in Macy's. I remember she stepped up from that but I forget that, too.  It's not like it's a topic of conversation. The point is that she learned a lot of what she knows through training.  Macy's, makeup vendors, probably seminars. On the job. Surely she knows a lot but as far as I know her job is just makeup. The other friend is more all around beauty. She does hair, makeup, accessories and what you might call general style. She works for the San Francisco opera at times. Lots of weddings, photoshoots for ad agencies. She has this uncanny eye for fashion. She is at least cute and some might say beautiful and she loves dress up, fashion and clothes.  She puts a whole lot of effort out to have a personal style. She is doing pretty well but I sense that she is still struggling a bit to get the bills paid.  She's young..... Just some feedback.  As with all things, if you can't do this thing better than I can do myself then why would I pay you?

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    You need to be experienced in some facet or another. Do you have a certificate as a cosmetician or as a hair stylist? Have you worked in a nail salon?

    The first thing that you need to do is get your credentials. Then you need to get experience.

    Once you have experience, you can then go out on your own and become an independent consultant.

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