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Recommend me some good Scottish youtubers or movies.?

I am trying to learn the general Scottish accent, and for me, the best way to learn an accent is by hearing other people speak it. So -

Can you recommend me some good Scottish youtubers or Scottish films?

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    I like Beauty Creep as a Youtuber.  There are loads of others, and she has had collabs with some of them like Wee Scottish Lass.  She also discusses the Scottish way of speaking sometimes.

    For movies, I like "The Angels Share," which is a good movie, and has loads of good Scottish accents.

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    It's "recommend some good...", not "recommend ME some good...".  "recommend" does not take an indirect object unless it's by way of a preposition:  "Can you recommend TO me...", but this generally is not necessary, since obviously the recommendation would be made to you, since you're the one asking. Saying "recommend me...." makes YOU the object that's being recommended. Ex: "Could you recommend me for the position (job)?"

    I don't know of any Scottish movies or Youtubers, but Susan Boyle, the singer who rose to prominence after appearing on "Britain's Got Talent", is Scottish. Be advised that Scottish English can be highly dialectical, especially in rural areas, so much so that even a native English speaker might not be able to understand them.  Scotland even has its own language, which at times can overlap with English.

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    Scottish films:

    The Stone of Destiny

    Local Hero

    Whisky Galore

    Gregory's Girl

    The Prime of Miss Jean BrodieShot at Glory

    Mrs Brown

    Ring of Bright Water

    Loch NessTrainspotting

    Sweet Sixteen

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    List of Scottish youtubers...

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