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Did my boyfriend give me and std/sti?

He is my only sex patner!!! Just want to throw that out there. So after we had sex i noticed his penis was red and swollen around the head so i looked up the symptoms on Google and the closest i got to it was Balanitis. A day after the sex i had a itch down there and it lasted days after. There isnt really discharge but there is an itch on the side of my vagina entrance. Only there. There is no itchiness on the inside. Could it be an std? I did notice clear discharge at the head of his penis i thought it was pre ***. Should i go get tested? He does have uncontrolled diabetes and he doesnt take good care of himself down there. 😒



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  • 8 months ago

    Balanitis in diabetics is usually yeast or inflammation, it’s not considered a STI

  • 8 months ago

    If he doesn't take care of himself and has bad hygiene, then why would you or any other woman want to have sex with him at all?

    If you're concerned about your own health, see a doctor, but it just sounds like an irritation to me, not a disease

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