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Portland Housing assistance?? PLEASE HELP?

I’m about to give birth in less then a month and I need to be out of where I’ve been staying ASAP... have to be out in less then 3months. Is there any programs that will help me find/pay for a place. Also I’m a single mom. My boyfriend passed away shortly after we found out I’m pregnant .. 

I real need help with rent as well . Is there any programs that will help pay rent as well ?! (Section 8 waiting list it to long ). I really need help ASAP . I’m scared . I’m due very soon . I’m not financially stable and I’m on my own ! Please help !!! 

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    That's unfortunate.  There's nothing quick, certainly not as soon as you will need the help.  You are generally expected to live within your means.  You aren't going to get help unless you are working.  Section 8 is for the working poor.  Will your parents allow you to move back in with them?

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    There are a few other programs out there but they will likely also have waiting lists. I have been a landlord in the suburbs of Portland for 7 yr and worked in low income housing for 3 of that.  Many of my tenants have gotten help moving into a place from Community action.  They only typically pay the rent for about 6 mo though.  I am not sure if that has changed or not.  Catholic charities is another resource.  I think St Vincent offers some help around here as well.  You can call 2-1-1 and get info on any other programs too. 

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    Contact your local Catholic Charities office.

    This organization was started by some Catholic nuns many many years ago.  They provide nonsecular assistance.

    Here is the number: (503) 231-4866

    Address:   2740 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR 97202

    They will be able to help you with many different things:

    - housing assistance

    - options for parenting (how to keep your child and support it, as well as adoption options)

    - help you get the medical care that you need right now.

    - ways to help support your child, if you decide to parent the child.

    Please call them!!

    They do a lot of good programs that can help you.

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    Move in with your parents.

    Put the baby up for adoption.

    What happened to your "sectipn" eight voucher from 5 years ago ?

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    Don't take this the wrong way, but consider giving up the baby for adoption.  You're about 20 (a post 5 years ago you were 15) and don't need the financial obligation you face with a child.

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