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What's wrong with ny boyfriend? He has started to act aggressive with me?

When we kiss he bites my lip (but not too much, it's  like he's nibbling it) and then he gets on top of me and lays me down and starts kissing me on my body but last time he stopped and felt really bad, like he was confused and strange, and stopped immediately and didn't say anything. When I asked him he looked upset and said 'you don't understand... I'm doing something really bad to you... you're the innocence of my life I shouldn't treat you like this' and he laid close to me staring at the ceiling

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  • Brian
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    1 month ago
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    You both sound a bit young... and he sounds like he's trying to become dominant but he feels guilty since he sees you as being so pure and innocent. Have a talk with him about his behavior. People here can't answer for him.

    • Brian
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      Thanks for best answer, good luck.

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