Please help. I am really confused. How should I deal with this situation?

I am in a Dilemma. I have a friend who cares for me a lot. I usually sit beside him when we go on a trip. He makes sure I rest my head on his shoulder so I can sleep peacefully in a car. Everyone notices this, and later tease us that we have never seen him this caring for anyone. Sometimes, he holds my hand, squeeze them when I rest my head on his shoulder. I think he is interested in me. If I am cold, he gives his jacket, goes on a walk with me. He holds my hand if I am scared. But now, the problem is, his elder brother seems interested as well. He insists me to visit their home, brings the food I love. His parents listen to the elder brother more. He is more mature. The difference is, the younger will treat me the best in person. While the other is a bit shy, he talks to me over the text more. Shares his secrets and asks my opinions. They both know I talk to both of them. The younger one rarely talks to me over the message. Whenever I meet them, then only he talks to me like he is in love with me. He insists me to rest my head on his shoulder in front of his parents. Like what am I supposed to do.? None of the brother has confessed their feelings yet. Tbh I am more into younger one, but I am not sure if he likes me and the other one is very mature though. Maybe I am overthinking and none of them likes me lol. 

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  • 8 months ago

    Your preference is important here. Since you seem to prefer the younger brother I think it would only be fair to tell the older one, so that he will stop competing with his younger brother. They are both waiting for you to make a decision. I don't think you are overthinking this but you are enjoying the attention too much, in my opinion. If you continue someone is going to get hurt more than they are going to be already. Make a choice and stick to it!

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