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How could a student run away from a residential program for at-risk teens when he lives on the other side of the country?

I read about this and wondering how one could possibly do this and how the school could lose a student like this? Lawsuit I assume followed.

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    I worked in a residential treatment program for teens, for many years. It was a “lockdown” facility. A “lockdown” facility is often locked as much to protect the residents as to confine them.

    Some facilities are “open door - the residents can leave whenever they like, although there may be legal consequences to doing so.

    Even in “lockdowns”, there are frequent opportunities for the residents to take off: field trips, outdoor recreation, family visits, medical appointments, court appearances, etc. Ultimately, it is up to the resident to accept that residence in the facility is for his/her own good.

    Most accept that; some never do.

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