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My mum won't stop asking me to borrow her money for my drug-dealing brother. What should I do?

My brother is a drug-dealing narcissist who has gotten himself into thousands of pounds of depts. My mum works overtime (no days off at all - 7 days a week) to pay his debts off and to send him money for food etc.

I have not spoken to my brother in years because I punched him in the face after seeing him strangling my mum.

I had a big fight with him and we never spoke again.

My mum knows I will do anything to help her, and so she keeps asking me for money all the time. So I send her money and she calls me back a few days later and says 'can I borrow another £100?' and I say, 'Why?' and she says, 'It's for me. I need food.' And she keeps asking. But I know she is lying. She is sending the money I send to her to my brother behind my back.

My mum keeps ignoring my texts and calls if I don't borrow her money and she won't speak to me and then that makes me feel upset. She also says I don't help anybody. And she won't talk to me for weeks until I send her money again.

What should I do?

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