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Is Atheism a choice or are people born that way?

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    atheism is a choice, dear.  No one is born that way, despite the atheists assertions they are.  You see, dear, atheists assert everyone is born atheist because they are upset about their low percentage of numbers, and like to put words in babies mouths to make them feel better about the low numbers of atheists in the world.  Little do they know that even if their assertion is true, most people become believers in God, showing how weak atheism really is.

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    All babies are atheists and they believe whatever religion their parents and surroundings tell them.

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    Every child by the age of 4 or 5 years is a creationist.. Not because of any indoctrination, just because of ordinary play.. Playing with blocks to build a house, sand castles on the beach, a fort in the back yard, using a bed sheet to make a tent...

    By these simple play activities children at that young age intuitive understand the concept of creation... They may not be able to state it in pure scientific terms, but they get it.

    That creation deniers don't get it when a 4 or 5 year old does get should be a source of embarrassment! Seriously the average 5 years old has a better grasp of reality than the atheist does! ROFL

    I have shown how the average five year old knows intuitively that God is. It takes years of indoctrination by the Government School System and the mass media to drive this understanding out of a minority. .

    Lest we forget that the majority of those who convert to atheism do it between the ages of 12 and 15, the rebellious teen years, when the areas of their brain that deal with critical thinking, understanding long and short term consequences and impulse control have not yet fully developed.

    Of that small percentage (about 20% of those enrolled in the Public School System) about 70 to 80% will convert back to theism as adults when their brains have been fully developed and they have lived in the real world for a while..

    Notice the pattern, teens who's brains are not yet developed to the point they can make an informed decision convert from theism to atheism. Adults with fully developed brains and experience in the real word convert from atheism to theism.. That alone sends a pretty powerful message.

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    Nobody is born atheist. We are all born ignorant. Are you saying that atheists are ignorant? That's what it sounds like. We simply don't know when we are born if there is a God or not.

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    Everyone is born an atheist until they are indoctrinated by family to believe what they believe, whether it is true or not

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    Nobody is born a theist, and atheist literally means "not" theist. Theism is certainly taught just like the magical Santa is taught. Some think agnosticism is more descriptive of newborns because of the not knowing, but when they grow up and are introduced to the concept of magical fairies and Gods, they cannot be rationally agnostic of both equally, meaning rational agnosticism is dependent upon seeing a "real" possibility to be rationally agnostic of. Agnostics are saying that Gods are potentially undiscovered, which may be true but on what rational grounds would you deposit a reasonable case for the real possibility. For example, life on this planet grants the real possibility of other life in our universe to be agnostic about. There is as much for Gods as there is for any other magical being/creatures, which is zero. So theism needs a case for actual existence, and agnosticism needs a case for the real possibility, neither which is possible for a newborn. Atheism is based on either not seeing that theists and agnostics have met their burden or simply unaware of the debate of the concepts (newborns). Atheism literally requires nothing and is the rational position when you cannot see a case and the default position when you are completely unaware that theists and agnostics exist or the concepts. The default is always nonexistence, since by definition it cannot leave any evidence behind for its nonexistence. Evidence for a real possibility can be left as in life on this planet for other life. Evidence for existence should be readily available if you "actually" know of this existence. Most theists rely on "feelings", poor interpretations of the evidence they present and poor reasoning in general on this topic.

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    Nobody is born with an inherant belief in deities. Being a theist is learned behaviour and to continue into adulthood believing in gods and following religion is a choice. Not doing so is a conclusion based on lack of credible evidence and the use of logical reasoning.

    Some people don't like the term "atheist" because it has come to imply some sort of radicakl thinking - mainly because of the negativity propagated by religionists. It is, however, purely a description - the opposite of theism. Irrespective of this the truth is that everyone is born an atheist.

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    1 - Religion is learned from your parents.  If you raised a child without any teachings about religion or God they would not spontaneously be a Christian, or Muslim, or Scientologist, etc.  I don't generally agree with the claim "we are all born atheists" but it is certainly true that we are born without religion.

    2 - As you reach the age of reason many people come to realize that religions, and thereby a belief in God, are clearly nonsense.  This isn't a choice, much like saying "I don't choose to like brownies, I just do" you don't choose to be an atheist, you just are.  

    3 - Many people who are secretly atheists choose to remain in their religion and publicly claim they are believers or are 'agnostics.'  And, the decision to identify as an atheist and to better understand why you are an atheist is absolutely a choice.  

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    Atheism is the default position.

    The religious claim that a deity/deities exist. Atheists are those that do not accept the claim until proof (or at least testable evidence) is provided by those making the claim.

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    If anything, we're born agnostic, but even that's a stretch.  Atheism is a position on a concept; no one can reject a concept they've never heard of.

    Belief and atheism aren't choices.  People believe what makes sense to them.  If something doesn't make sense to them, there's no way they can believe it.

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