is there a way to hide your vulnerability and ptsd in public places?

just to mention i'm waiting to see a psychologist but there are massive waiting lists right now.

i'm a sufferer of great anxiety and ptsd and often feel i show my vulnerability in public places by easily displaying my emotions...i can get startled, panicked, afraid, upset agitated and mad too.....i am a man in my forties and i caused the ptsd myself long ago by having outbursts in the streets provoking a violent attack by 3 men carrying a bat, i got minor head injuries which caused my ptsd.

i'm also a proud man and want to hide my emotions, fear , distress and vulnerability in public, not show do i do that? until i see a psychologist, any tips on how to hide my fear and emotions?

i hate feeling vulnerable because i fear any shady types could take advantage of me if they see it.

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  • Chanel
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    8 months ago
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    If your stance seems nervous then bullies will pick up on it.

    Try your best to think about positive things and that soon you WILL be seeing a therapist for these thoughts.

    Remember that you are so not alone with these thoughts of yours. Many people suffer this condition. They have their ways of dealing with it and I pray that you will find yours.

    Those people who hurt you had no right to do that to another living being. They are not worth your thoughts.

    Also now there are  CCTV cameras everywhere so you are safe.

    If you make yourself go out more you will have positive days and create memories.

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