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How to make a DIY ball python incubator using moss or coconut fiber?

I really want to breed my butter bee ball python but dont have a proper incubator. I was wondering how to make a diy incubator out of things such as a heat mat, moss or coconut fiber, and a bin or tub? 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    THis is how I did it. Use vermiculite (available at garden supply stores including Walmart) as incubation medium. Do not use moss because it can be acidic. Add distilled water or bottled drinking water to the vermiculite. Put the vermiculite in a gallon glass jar (e.g. the kind that is used for Vlasic pickles available at Costco for about $5 or you can buy an empty one for about $10), and cover it with lid that comes with the jar. If you make holes in the lid of the gallon jar, make sure you put a cheese cloth between the lid and jar to block out any insects that may get inside the jar to infest the eggs through the holes.

    Use a 10 gallon aquarium and fill it with water and put a concrete brick (available at Home Depot for a few bucks) in it. Put the jar on top of the brick. Fill the aquarium with enough water to partly submerge the glass jar but not so much water that the glass jar will float away from the brick. Use an aquarium heater with thermostatic control to make sure the water is heated to a constant 90 degrees or a few degrees less to be absolutely safe. Put the aquarium in a place in the house where ambient temperature won't rise over 90 degrees (e.g. garage or basement). because excess heat (above 100 deg. F) can kill the developing embryos inside the eggs. Make sure that the jar is immersed in the warm water at all times. Add water to the aquarium if necessary.

    Put the eggs on top of the vermiculite. No need to cover them with the vermiculite. If the eggs start to develop dents, then add water so the dents will disappear. Too much water may cause the eggs to balloon or get moldy so do not overdo it.  The eggs should hatch using this setup. The snake will make a slit in the egg when it is about to hatch. It will remain inside the egg for about a day before it finally comes out. It won't eat until after it sheds its skin for the first time, so be patient. The snake will have an umbilical slit that will heal as it ages. Baby snakes are really cute. Have fun.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    If you don't have the proper equipment. You shouldn't even try

    • joeparker67
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      2 months agoReport

      Maybe that’s why they are asking about making an incubator?? You know that all breeders have to get them before they breed stuff they don’t just appear out of thin air?   So asking how to make it or where to get one before they breed them, like this person is doing is kinda how it works 

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