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Masai Ujiri can fix New York Knicks?

The Knicks are the joke of the league, have been for decades and will continue to be with their current leadership. However, they are trying to pay the top executive in the NBA, Masai Ujiri to ditch Toronto and come to NY, at any price he me demand so. Masai says he wants to be in Toronto, but he did not sign an extension last offseason to keep his options open, which arrive pretty soon.

But the question is, can Masai Ujiri fix the Knicks?

James Dolan is the worst owner in the NBA. Will that deter Masai from considering them, or is he so great that he can manage to win under Dolan?

What chance that he stays in Toronto? Considering half the league would fire their management and give the job to him, at any price he may demand.

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    Nah, I doubt New York would want Masai Ujiri managing their team, given that James Dolan calls all the shots, and the Knicks won't be able to be playoff contenders until he either sells the team or passes away.

    Not to mention, he burned New York in two significant trades. One was when he was managing the Denver Nuggets, and oversaw the Carmelo Anthony trade that saw Melo (along with Chauncey Billups and Anthony Carter) get moved to New York for then young players (at the time) Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler, and Raymond Felton. Another one was when Masai managed the Toronto Raptors where he sent Andrea Bargnani to the Knicks for aging veterans/salary cap fillers Quentin Richardson, Marcus Camby and Steve Novak.

    He almost made another one that would've seen Kyle Lowry get moved to the Knicks in exchange for Iman Shumpert and a past-his-prime Metta World Peace (formerly known as Ron Artest) get moved to Toronto in return. But then James Dolan killed the deal, begrudging Masai's previous trade with him back when Masai was in charge of the Denver Nuggets.

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