Moving to Atlanta?

My job is transferring me to Atlanta and I have no idea about areas there.What are the best areas to live in, that are relatively affordable. I need a 2 bedroom, prefer 2 ba, washer and dryer or connections. I have children, so being near a good school district is also a must. 

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  • 11 months ago
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    Here are the cheapest neighborhoods in Atlanta for 2019:

    Center Hill 

    Grove Park


    Cascade Heights

    Lakewood Heights-Southeastern Atlanta

    Sandtown-Southeastern Atlanta

    West End 

    Adair Park

    Adams Park


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    The name Atlanta, Georgia, evokes the hospitality of the South. The hospitality is still there, but now it's part of a vibrant city that is growing almost at the same pace and is constantly relocating businesses.

    When you move to Atlanta, you can make an informed decision about the costs involved using the costs below.

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    My recommendation is to rent close to where ever your office is.  Use the time during your lease period to scout the area and determine the appropriate place for you.  

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  • 11 months ago

    Real estate values have gone up significantly in the Atlanta area over the past 10 years. Areas that used to be undesirable are now very trendy- like East Atlanta. A lot depends on where you'll be working, as the traffic is terrible if you're trying to go in certain directions on certain roads. Gwinnett County might be affordable, but it's a long commute from downtown on I-85. Housing prices are lower on the southside of Atlanta. Do a search for apartments, see what's available, and then ask us about specific neighborhoods. You can go to for school ratings. 

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     Lawrenceville, GA.    The top school is Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology

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