A plane leaves an airport  at constant rate 140 mph in a S32°E direction. After half an hour it changes course in a N57°E direction until?

It is due east from airport. What was total distance traveled by plane?

Note: I kept on solving it over and over and got 308 miles but it keeps telling me wrong. Do you see how I got 308 miles??


Note if S32E I had 58° with respect to horizontal. Then vertex of 89 degrees by adding 32 and 57 and finally 33 degrees - supplement ti 2 other angles. Traveled 70 miles for first 30 min. Then calculated rest of the sides

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  • Bill-M
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    The directions you are giving do not make any sense.  Pilots do not use that format for direction.  They only use the numbers.    000 is Due North  090 is due East, 180 is Due South and 270 is West.  

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