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Claudius in hamlet as the tragic hero?

I read hamlet and I think Claudius is a tragic hero because he's similar to macbeth. but im not sure how to back that up. help?

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    What are his similarities to Macbeth? What are their qualifications to be considered tragic heroes? What is a "tragic hero"?

    We are not given the story of Claudius prior to his murder of his brother and marriage to his sister in law. I think that's the problem you have with your essay. Both men were ambitious enough to kill their kings. Both men loved their wives. Macbeth is presented as a loyal general who was tempted by Fate, or by Evil in the forms of the Weird Sisters' prophecies. We don't know what sort of man Claudius was and what made him kill his king and brother. That is outside the play. It doesn't give us the man's interior self - or perhaps it does in the chapel. Macbeth does reveal his inner thoughts to us.

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    Claudius is nothing like Macbeth.  He's the 'villain' of the play - not a hero in any way at all.

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    Shakespeare also included Claudius in his historical play 'Julius Caesar'.

    Act IV scene III

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