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How to make profit through shopify if you pay a third party to send the orders to the customers?

I mean they say when a potential customer order from your store, you will pay for their order to a third party. How is it possible to make a profit?


I am not dump, I know that. But would not customers think its wrong. Like they could have just to the third party in the first place and bought them. I am just asking because people these days just complain and sue others for money.

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    This is called drop-shipping and it can definitely be done. You just need to make sure you can charge more from the customer than your vendor charges. As far as the details, Idk, but drop shipping is a thing. Look it up.

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    You just discovered why it is almost impossible to make money drop-shipping, these days.

    If the customer is smart, they will do some research before they buy which will doom your business.

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    Sell it for more than you have to pay the 3rd party.  If you can't figure this out, you're in the wrong job.

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