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What is the most dangerous coast/region in the USA?

I'd say the mid-west.

Chicago, Detroit, St.Louis, Gary,Indiana,

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  • Andrew
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    The United States is a massive, massive country, and one of the most distinguishing features about the place is the extent of the variety on offer there. It's simply staggering. The United States is a land that boasts golden beaches, vibrant cities, vast deserts, farms and fields, dense forests, lofty mountains, endless plains, rivers and lakes, swamps and wetlands, and for a country to run from one end of the spectrum to the other as the US does with places like Alaska and Hawaii is something that really sets it apart from practically all others. 

    There is no one region in the US that's wealthier or poorer, safer or more dangerous, than any of the others because there are pockets of wealth and poverty and safety and crime all across the country. There's plenty of money everywhere, it's just that in some places to have more than what the majority has isn't as difficult as in some other places. And some of the most dangerous places in the USA are located extremely close to some of the safest areas. 

    Obviously the places with the highest rates of crime are going to be those places with a sizable enough population to sustain those levels, or areas where the population density is large enough so that crime can occur at those levels. And it makes little sense to split hairs on which places ought to be considered the "most" dangerous of all. If you're standing in the wrong place in Camden, NJ, or Detroit, MI, or Gary, IN, or somewhere within the sprawling city limits of Los Angeles, CA, or Memphis, TN, or New Orleans, LA, or Phoenix, AZ, something bad could happen. 

    Places like Cincinnati, OH, Newark, NJ, Richmond, CA, they sit right beside lovely communities where property values are sky high, schools are well-funded and crime rates are infinitesimal in comparison. 

    Generally speaking, the cities of the Midwest and the South are statistically the most dangerous, and that's probably because they've been on an economic downturn for decades, unemployment is rampant, and most of the good and decent hardworking people who could leave did leave. But that's not to say that those places are indisputably worse than everywhere and anywhere else. Huntington, WV is not a place that makes the papers, but it's not a place you'd want to visit. many places have made complete turnarounds, some for the better, some for the worse. In the 1990s and early 2000s, Tacoma, WA was one of the most dangerous cities in the USA while Nassau and Suffolk County were among the safest areas. Today Tacoma is wonderful while Long Island gets worse all the time. 

    I mean, how do you compare the bad parts of Saint Louis, MO to Baltimore, MD? They're both awful, but get in the car and drive for an hour and in each case, you'd be driving along roads lined with million dollar homes. 

    Years ago I remember hearing that Dutch Harbor on Unalaska Island up in Alaska was the most dangerous place in the USA. Everybody was packing so practically the entire town was armed... People were transients, they were there to work on the boats, some of them making $10,000 a week in cash, and they would all spend it in this little town where they could get whatever they wanted. The police stayed away. The pubs all had plastic sheeting for windows because people would put each other through them every night. It's a place that makes the South Bronx look like Switzerland in comparison and nobody's ever heard of it. 

    There is no "most dangerous region." There are just pockets of places everywhere that you wouldn't want to do. 

    But most of the country is strikingly beautiful and populated by kind, friendly, honest, hard-working people who are always keen to help strangers.    

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    2 months ago

    these coasts are far more dangerous than any US coast:

    US coasts are pretty safe these days.

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