Yes or No to these baby girl names.?

Say yes or no to all of these baby girl names below and why. Will only read if all names answered.

1. Sedrica

2. Paityn

3. Amandaline

4. Kaveena

5. Janelle

6. Annalya

7. Avalynn

8. Julianna

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    1 year ago
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    1. Sedrica


     It sounds cool to me.2. PaitynNoI find this name to be better as a boy name and I am not keen on the spelling.3. AmandalineNoI don't care for the sound of it.4. KaveenaYesIt sounds cool to me.5. JanelleYesIt is a good name that to me would work well.6. AnnalyaNoI am not keen on the sound of it 7. AvalynnYesIt is just a nice name.8. Julianna


    It is a name that works well.

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    this is too white for me to handle

  • Snid
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    1 year ago

    !.  Sedrica~  Cedrica would be a better spelling but still, no.

    2.  Paitlyn~  Nope.  Kaitlyn with a P.  Nope.

    3.  Amandaline~  Please, just no.

    4.  Kaveena~

    5.  Janelle~  Finally!  A half way normal name.  Nice!

    6.  Annalya~  It will be pronounced wrong by mane as Anna Lye- uh.  So, no.  I'd be okay with Annalia but I'd prefer Anna Leah

    7.  Avalynn sounds great.  It would be much better NOT smushed as Ava Lynn.

    8.  Julianna is outstanding.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    1: Sedrica: looks weird. NO

    2: Paityn :   Different spelling but great name Yes

    3: Amandaline : NO. It’s ugly

    4:Kaveena:  NO it’s ugly try Kalina or Karina

    5: janelle : Yes: it’s very pretty 

    6: Annalya:  weird NO. Try Annalise

    7: avalynn: yes but I like Avalyn 

    8: Julianna yes gorgeous   

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  • 1 year ago

    they sound like nice names

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    1. Sedrica - Sounds cute, but not my favourite (know 1 person with that name)

    2. Paityn - Like spelling Peyton better

    3. Amandaline - No, just no.

    4. Kaveena - Sounds cute (know 1 person with that name)

    5. Janelle - Sounds cute (know 2 people with that name

    6. Annalya - Know someone with an Analia. (looks like a combo name, Anna and Lya)

    7. Avalynn - ehh! Don't exactly care about this one.

    8. Julianna - Meh! It's ok, but not my favourite.

    My favourites out of the 8 in order are,

    1. Janelle

    2. Kaveena

    3. Paityn

    4. Sedrica

    5. Julianna

    6. Annalya

    7. Avalynn

    8. Amandaline

  • 1 year ago

    Julianna, Avalynn, Janelle are all "yes".  The rest are "no".

  • 1 year ago

    The only names I am OK with are 5 and 8. Number 7 sounds like a porn name. The others are just... why?!??!?!

  • Pearl
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    1 year ago

    they sound like nice names to me

  • 1 year ago

    1.  Sedrica - No.  Sounds made up and sounds awful & she will have to spell it for everybody.

    2.  Paityn - No.  Sounds made up and sounds awful & she will have to spell it for everybody.

    3.  Amandaline - No.  Ditto.

    4.  Kaveena - No.  Ditto.

    5.  Janelle - No.  I've known two of them.  Don't like the name.  Never have.  Liked the people.  One was a good friend where I lived.

    6.  Annalya - No.  - Ditto 1 - 4.

    7.  Avalynn - No.  Ava OR Lynn.  Combo names rarely work and this one doesn't.  Ava or Lynn - Yes & Yes, but Not Avalynn.

    8.  Julianna -  No.  But the best of the lot.  It's a bit long for my taste.  I like Anna.

    Sorry to burst your name bubble.  My taste is just very different.  Have you considered Mary?  What about Jennifer? 

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