why does the rabbinate have a monopoly over marraige in israel?

In every civilized country in the world, there is something called a civil marriage.

should israel join the civilized world and legalize civil marriage? why or why not?

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    10 months ago
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    The rabbinate don’t have sole authority. It’s actually the religious bodies from all the religions that have the authority, so the Muslims have authority over the Muslim marriages and the Christians have authority over Christian marriages. It is based on the millet or confessional community system employed in the Ottoman Empire, which was not modified during the British Mandate and remains in force in the State of Israel. As none of the religious bodies of any religion will perform same sex or interfaith marriages, they are not therefore done in Israel.

    However same sex or interfaith marriages performed elsewhere are fully recognized in Israel.  And in 2010, Israel passed the Civil Union Law for Citizens with no Religious Affiliation, 2010, allowing a couple to form a civil union in Israel if they are both registered as officially not belonging to any religion.


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    Protecting Jews from destroying G-d's made Jewish seeds...

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    "why does the rabbinate have a monopoly over marriage in Israel?"

    That is not the case.

    See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marriage_in_Israel

    "marriages can be performed only under the auspices of the religious community to which couples belong..."

    i.e. the rabbinate only has auspices over Jewish marriage, not Muslim nor Christian.

    "In every civilized country in the world, there is something called a civil marriage."

    Is there?

    Did you verify this?

    "should israel join the civilized world ..."

    Your association between having civil marriage and whether a country is considered part of the "civilized world" regardless of your opinion on civil marriage is a bit obnoxious.

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    They turned the country to a religious country, now it is called : the Jewish state.

    A religious country can not allow Civil marriage, unless they do passes for people and deny it for others.

    The solution is to travel to Cyprus, make a civil marriage and bring the proofs to the Israeli authorities, they are obliged to accept it.

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    9 months ago

    WHY ( provide possible  reason or explanation  ) DOES the Rabbinate  have a  MONOPOLY  over marriage  in Israel ......    

      possibly  the implementation   of AUTHORITARIAN ISM ( leaning toward a THEOCRACY  )   that the "PEOPLE "  collectively accept  and have not decided to take action to "CHANGE  "  or  collectively the majority does NOT WANT  change .....

    ... People tend  to PROTEST  when an issue  DIRECTLY effects them or their  OFF SPRING  and  is effective in Change  when collectively  it effects  a large amount  of the population  to WANT CHANGE  or "CARE " about a issue

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    Israel is not a civilized country 

    Because a country that murders innocents cannot be considered civilized 

    Israel is just another Saudi Arabia 

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    thats up to them if they want to do that or not

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    10 months ago

    Because Israel is basically a theocracy.

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    10 months ago

    Gay marriage isn't possible. They don't value virginity, they don't value monogamy, they don't value family, they don't value God. No church should be forced to cater to their bullying. They should get their union through the state and leave the rest of us alone. Israel is based and redpilled on this one.

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