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Why Do Republicans Defend Trump By Pointing Out that There Isn't An Actual Impeachable Offense? Do they Not Know that Trump is Bad?

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    If no "law" has been broken, no crime has been committed. Before a person can be tried of crimes, the act has to already be defined as a crime. The law defining the act as a crime has to have been enacted before the act was committed.

    At no place in the constitution does it state the president has to be a nice guy! The law also does not say that just because we do not approve of the presidents actions they are wrong.

    So Nancy and company don't like Trump- Well over 70% of us don't like Nancy or the company she keeps either. If being bad was reason enough to remove a person from office- Nancy and the Democrats would have been sent home a long time ago.

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    There has to be an impeachable offense in order for him to be impeached. You cannot impeach people just because you do not like them. If that were the case, then we would never have a president.

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    Because they don’t know what else to do but pretend there isn’t one. In that last hearing the Republicans sounded like a bunch of crazed idiots with no real point to anything they had to say. Most of it wasn’t even relative to the impeachment at hand. They know exactly how rotten Trump is and they don’t give a damn. It’s party above country at all costs. Wait until they see what it costs them in 2020.

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    Trump is only bad for Democrats that want open borders, higher taxes and unlimited power. For the rest of us, Trump is the greatest president since Washington.

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    Huuuu orange man bad cuz CNN sed so! I no think 4 self!

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