Using Python and OpenCV to convert sign language gestures to text?

I am in tenth grade, and for my science project I want to convert basic sign language gestures, the alphabet and numerals, to text, using the python programming language and OpenCV software. Both my partner and I are beginner python programmers, and we know VERY LITTLE about OpenCV. The deadline to finish this project is the end of January. My question is this: is this even possible to complete the project only using the software that I listed, and also, is this idea way too ambitious for people of our skill set? Thank you in advance.

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  • EddieJ
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    10 months ago
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    I was a professional computer programmer analyst for 25 years and I wouldn't attempt a project like this.  However, I have never used OpenCV, so, maybe it's not as difficult as I might think.

    Are you already very familiar with Numpy?  I'm under the impression that that is a prerequisite for OpenCV -- but I'm not certain about that.

    You can talk to your teacher about this:  It's possible that you can get credit even if you do not get the application to fully work -- the credit would be for the learning experience.  You'd be expected to turn in a lab report that explains your steps and missteps in detail (as you are doing it -- not trying to remember at the end), explaining where you had difficulty, and your understanding about why that was a problem, and your attempts to get around it.

    Obviously, OpenCV is a useful product, so, even if your application never fully works, if you can show that you learned a lot about the product, then you might get a good grade -- but don't expect that unless the teacher verifies it.

    Good luck.

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