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Is it possible that my gf is pregnant?

To start, she had her period last month (November 2019) and was late by like 3-4 days and now she is supposed to have her period this month but is again late. She normally is irregular which makes it hard to know. 

In terms of her body, she has gained weight and her cup size has gotten a bit bigger, but I’m not sure if that’s just from her gradual weight gain since I met her, or if it was actually sudden. 

She has also been randomly emotional and things will make her cry suddenly but that only started about 3 days ago. 

Her back hurts, but her back has always hurt since the beginning of time so I can’t really tell there.


We also tried a pregnancy test about a week and a half ago with a negative result. But Is that too early to check?

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    She definitely tested too early in this situation for the HCG (pregnancy hormone) to have shown up.  So if you are both seriously worried, its time to get another test and have her take it if she hasn't come on yet. 

  • Tulip
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    8 months ago

    You can't be late and irregular at the same time and why do you as the boyfriend know all that

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    Yep thats what happened when I was pregnent with my boy. I got really fat and my brest size increased alot went from a B to a D! Sounds like you need to start buying diapers. Also my vagina smelled like champagne thats a clue (old wifes tale)

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