Why is Google so lame and greedy?

This Google Android is full of crap and worse. My experience with windows is far better. Please tell me if I am wrong give me informative answers of these following statement

1. Why is play store only installing apps not downloading simultaneously at same time. I mean it's waste of time what's the meaning of fast processors and 8 gigs of ram when you can't install and download at same time. In windows it's possible

2. Why we need to restart smartphone for its or version upgrade I mean it can be done in background. In windows it's possible

3. Why is multitasking so much confusing in Google you can't do much multitasking in smartphone even with dual screen you need special app or other Rog phones to play games otherwise it's lame to think multitasking

4. Why is Google so cheap, Google started Google treble project now there are no upgrade still today my friend has iPhone 7 and still he gets the latest OS updates it's so stupid that we have to buy smartphone every few years for new version updates.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Those white supremacists Russian spies who control Google are always greedy. 

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