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why is my hair changing colour?

Im 21 and my hair is going grey in some places. The weird thing is that one strand is grey at the bottom and brown at the top meaning its growing in my natural colour. Some strands have grey in some parts and my natural colour in the other meaning its multicoloured. Is this normal for people? I don't really know why this is happening

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    Well, I'm a lot older than you and this is what my hair started doing a bit after I turned 40.  I joked about having "stripy hair" to an older neighbour and she told me that that the same thing happened to her and her sisters so I guess there's an intermediate phase where the hair follicle glitches in producing melanin.  Do relatives go grey young in your family?  It's worth asking your mum since modern styling is really good at covering greys now.  If you are an early grey look on the bright side, it not related to your skin's elasticity so you won't wake up next week looking like a melted candle and if you don't like it it's easier to deal with than going bald young (I always feel sorry for blokes you start balding before their acne's cleared up).

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    Probably because of genetics. How should I know

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