On Gta5 can I use both the steering wheel and controller for navigation?

So I've got a logitech g920, not used it yet. I was thinking about getting Gta5 but I was wondering how I would control the character on foot. Do you use controls on the wheel it can you swap to the controller? I realise this probably sounds like a noob question.

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  • 8 months ago
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    I don't believe that GTA V supports steering wheels natively. You can use one, but you typically have to use a program that will "trick" the game into thinking that your steering wheel is an Xbox 360/One controller. However, since the game doesn't natively support steering wheel controllers, it might not work well.

    I personally use an Xbox One controller plugged into my PC via USB. The game natively recognizes it and it works well for driving. When I'm walking around or shooting, I use the KB+Mouse for more accuracy.

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