Anonymous asked in PetsFish · 10 months ago

what do i do about a guppy that eats too much?

i have two male guppies and two platyfish, when i feed them the guppies always swipe the food before the platys can get to it (they even take it out of their mouths sometimes) 

I feel as if the guppies are bullying the others because they always seem to be hiding around the back.

I've only had the platys a couple of days, ive had the guppies for around 2 months. Will this be something that will settles down? Or is there no solution t this?

1 Answer

  • 10 months ago

    It is possible that the platies will get used to the schedule, and compete for food.  It could take 2 weeks just for them to get used to the tank.  i would, put some food on one side of the tank and some on the other.  

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