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Can your BP still go up high while on meds?

My BP sometimes goes up to 190/120 even though I take my meds. Is this normal or no?

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    Medications are no substitute for water. The reason medications are used to control the blood pressure is that people won't drink the water they need to.

    In the past, doctors used to advise to drink eight 8-oz glasses of water per day - this is still sound advice. Unfortunately, doctors don't give this advice anymore - they advise people to drink the more addicting "fluids" instead.

    Fluids are not the same as water and they don't function like water in the body. They have a diuretic effect - so that by following the advice to drink "fluids" people dehydrate themselves.

    And because every function in the body needs water, maintaining a water deficit will affect all of the functions - and then people wonder why they develop health problems.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    NO that's not normal if you are taking doctor prescribed medications to lower your BP they should be working after a few weeks. You should let your doctor know that your BP is still high so he or she can either adjust your dosage or switch to a medication that works for you. TBH, its dangerous to walk around with a BP that high.

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