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Is my mileage too high for my car ?

So, I bought a car last august and it was at 79,xxx miles. I have 94,000 miles on it now. Is this high in mileage? It’s a 2010 Ford Taurus.

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    I figure with 10 K per year of driving (and that is the low average use of a car) People usually drive to work and park it for 9 hours and then drive home and park it for the next day. So drive to & from work lets say 3 hours total and the car is parked for 21 hours.  Let's say your job is 10 miles away (1 way), so that is 20 m/d x 250 days of work/y=5000 m/y.  That is only if it is driven to work.

    Now lets say you use it on the weekends TOO.

    So, to the 250 we add 50 weeks x 2(=100+250=350(assuming 20 m Sat&20 m Sun) just to keep the math simple.

    350 d x 20 m=7500 m so you see not even 10,000 mi.

    My mom worked in a factory and shopped on weekends (sometimes) She took a YEAR to get 3000 miles on the car.

    I myself have driven 100 miles on a Sunday and never left my cities boundaries.  Just drove down a lot of back alleys because it was a sunny day...and did not have anything else to do...but drive around.

    You bought a car with lower than 10K per year on the odometer

    You drive 30 miles per day.

    Right now it has what is expected for that year of car.


    A shopper for a 2010 Taurus may find something with lower mileage on it, or maybe they all got higher.

    . You are where you are.

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    Barely run in. Many Fords do over 500 000 miles

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    Today a common car will go deeo into the 200k range with routine care. I had an Escort go 352k before our winters here rusted it to death. I've heard most people make similar claims with all makes. Not like the ones I grew up with. I'm 71

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  • Hon, i have a 1997 Legacy Outback with 210k and it still Runs like a Top from Routine Maintenance & 3 Month Oil Changes

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  • 8 months ago

    Average mileage per year is 12,000. For a 10 year old car it would be 120,000, so no.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

     Stop worrying.  It is your car now.  Just drive it until it dies.

  • arther
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    8 months ago

    So you've put 15 thousand miles on it in the last 5 months if its no giving trouble and your not selling it whats the point of the question it'll probably be rooted in 2 or 3 years at the rate your going factor that into your rate what ever do.

  • Ian
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    8 months ago

    It all depends on how well it is maintained. My first car accrued 270,000 miles when I finally bought a newer one. If you do the proper scheduled maintenance it will endure. But if it was neglected it would be a good idea to let it go and find something more reliable, otherwise high repair costs and issues await.

  • Rick
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    8 months ago

    should be able to go 200,000 miles WITH regular maintenance ............

  • Adam
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    8 months ago

    Rule of thumb: 10,000 miles a year is average.

    The car is 9 years old, so 9 x 10,000 = ~90k.

    Yes, it is average mileage. 

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