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When will the tandy computer return?

When I was really little I had this toy laptop, but it was built like a full flege laptop, the keyboard was professional looking. The label said Tandy on it. 

Now this tandy laptop had BASIC loaded onto it. I played around making cool programs with it. The tandy laptop also had learning programs on it in the form of games. 

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    it will never return. Tandy was a trademark of Radio Shack .. and they went bankrupt some years ago. we used to call this the "Trash 80" computer

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    Tandy was sold by radio shack and most of those stores are closed. You can still find smaller stores open, but they no longer carry tandy products.

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    If you look around, you can still find the Tandy computers in old shops and some surplus areas.  My first computer (Geez, I'm really dating myself  here) was a Tandy Model 3, with a whopping 48K of ram.  LOL It had two 5.25" floppy drives and NO hard disk drive.  They won't be made again, but if you search, you can still find one, and maybe use it for fun BASIC programming.  

    I wrote programs in basic for my computer, and it taught me a lot.  You might enjoy getting an old Pentium 2 or 3 instead and load DOS on it. That would allow you to play with the commands and build programs

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    30 yrs ago or more that was cutting edge, but technology doesn't make money going backwards....NEVER....sorry sparky....

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    Do you remember model number?

    Are we talking about, say, the Color Computer 3?

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    Radio Shack went out of business years ago, and the product you describe would be horribly obsolete today.

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