how do i fix this problem in forefox all of a sudden?

my main browser which ive been using years (google chrome) there is a major fault with it, it won't open when i click it or try to launch it, i'm using a custom built windows 7 desktop pc......i tried doing a system restore to an earlier date before the chrome error, but it keeps saying system restore wasn't successful because of another error.........

so i'm using my second browser; firefox, which appears to be working okay except, for just today, the thumbnails on youtube videos are missing?  here's a picture ;

does anyone know whats causing this and how i can fix it?

preferably a way of fixing it so i dont have to reinstall firefox, because i don't want to lose any data.

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  • 8 months ago
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    Not sure this is a browser issue, but I would start with UNINSTALLING both browers. clean out the junk, clear cache, empty recycle bin. Reboot, then REINSALL both browsers.  

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