getting offered gloves out in public. ?

your out to dinner and it’s getting gloves to winter time. You have poor circulation in your hand so they are quite cold. Your gloves are starting to help as your also indoors now. As the food starts coming out your waiter offers some disposable gloves to cover the ones your wear so that you don’t have to take them off. Your in the corner of the restaurant so not many people can see you. Would you take them up on their offer or just say no and remove them for a little bit while you eat? Mind you your hands are not really warming up so you don’t really want to take them off. 


I have seeked medical help once I got comfortable going to a doctor still not quite there yet. He said it could be poor circulation and or rynaulds diseases and to just do my best to keep my hands and feet warm when I can. 

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago
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    Kind of his offer.  Could be worse if  stains got on your gloves. Might not even be able to remove the stains. 

    I think I may have seen this in a film, some where in my past? 

    Ask GOD about this? 

  • Sandy
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    8 months ago

    if your hands haven't warmed up by the time your dinner arrives, you have a circulation problem and need to get a checkup. if they are warm, take the gloves off and stop embarrassing yourself. 

  • 8 months ago

    "you're" not "your" out to dinner

    to help you as "you're" (you are) indoors

    "You're (you are) in the corner of the restaurant

    My hand are always warm, and they warm up quickly, so I wouldn't need my gloves or their gloves.

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