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What are the courses/classes in majoring in Psychology?

Can you give me a list of them? Maybe even Master?

There is a Associate degree at my community college for Psychology. But the classes seems unnecessary like, Languages, Arts, History, why should I take them they have nothing to do with Psychology?

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    Please phone your favourite University admittance

    team thanks for partiality and totally online courses


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  • j153e
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    Here's a reasonable curriculum for psychology:

    Here's a basic road map of healthy psychology, btw:'s_hierarchy_o...

    Being somewhat aware of arts and history makes sense; foreign language training not so much.

    If you're focusing on a career in some area of psychology, be able to choose courses that emphasize your interests.

    Related:  "Understanding Yourself" by Mark Prophet.

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    Because you are supposed to get a rounded liberal arts education is WHY those classes are required. Associates degrees did NOT used to have majors. IF you go on to get a bachelors degree AND major in psychology, the higher level psychology courses you are REQUIRED to take often have required prerequisite courses in I

    Older disciplines like basic statistics. You are going to have to take those general education courses at some time. If you cannot communicate effectively in writing or speaking ir your English vocabulary is limited, you aren't going to very effective or productive when you get a job.

    You csn do your own online research into what the higher level psychology courses are required for psychology majors. I took organizational psychology when I was working on an MBA with a concentration in health care administration. I had never taken a psychology class before. It was fascinating. I should not have to spoon feed you the results of MY time and research skills.

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    Every university has a list of "core curriculum," also known as "general university requirements."  Those will be essentially similiar regardless of the university.  For example, all four year university graduates will have had to complete at least one course in mathematics and English.   Remedial classes (below 100) won't fulfill the requirement.

    You can easily find a list of classes for a psychology degree online.   But in many cases, you have options.  A typical requirement is to complete three lab science courses.  I chose intro biology, earth science, and human nutrition because I'm bad at science and my advisor told me those were the easiest and not to take chemistry or physics.

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  • Jim
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    9 months ago

    Every college has different requirements. 

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