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please help fast!!  (Biology Exam Tommorow!)?

Type 1 Diabetes occurs when the body's immune system destroys the beta cell of the pancreas. These cells produce the hormone insulin that is essential for monitoring blood sugar levels. The only permanent cure for people with type-1 diabetes is a pancreas transplant. A group of researchers used mouse embryonic stem cells to generate mouse beta cells in a laboratory. The researchers are now trying to develop human beta cells using the same technique. How will this research be useful?

a. It will reduce the dependence on organ donors

b. It will prevent damage of the beta cells by the immune system

c. It will allow the use of mice and other animals to produce human insulin

d. It will ensure the production of insulin without the use of the betad cell

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    I think it's A because if they can produce insulin in labs, transplants can be avoided while they can just inject insulin into the patients.

    B is wrong because it said you cannot cure Type I diabetes, so growing beta cells won't have any effect on what the immune system does.

    C is wrong because they are developing HUMAN beta cells based on their method to generate mouse cells, and they are not directly using mouse cells.

    D is a little iffy, but if you take it literally, you can't produce insulin without the beta cell.

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    The biggest upside to stem cells is that because they come from the person who needs the organ, they're less likely to be rejected. With a transplant, patients have to take immunosuppressants so their immune system doesn't reject the foreign organ. Having an organ or cells develop from your own body means you don't have to compromise your own immune system. But it's also true that you won't need as many organ donors if you no longer need transplants. Not sure about C, not sure if you can use other animals to make human insulin, or if you'd want to. D, you're making a beta cell out of stem cells so that's technically not true, you will be using a beta cell, it will just have been made out of a stem cell. If I understand correctly.

    Hope that helps in some way?

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