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Am I colourblind ?

I had a art lesson on Thursday, ussually during art I'm very silent and really focused on what I'm doing as it's suppose to be my escape from reality. However this week I decided to talk to the other people in my class and one of my classmates turn to me and asks if I have orange in my box of oil pastels. I pick it up and give it to her then she turns to me and tells me that it's not orange, it's brown. I was a bit confused as I was definitely sure that it was orange. Then my other classmates asks me for blue but apparently I give him purple however when I asked the teacher if my colour palettes on my work were okay and she tells me that the colour go together perfectly. I thought maybe I had a slight degree of colour blindness but then again if colour are even the slightest shade off, I noticed it. If u present me with two seemingly identical colours, I will tell you which is which with ease.

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    No, you definitely are NOT color blind. Different people interpret different colors differently and it can also change with age as you get older and your eyes change.

    You may have 4 color vision, often called tetracolor vision. This is more common in females than males. . My mother and I had a petty argument the lat years of her life about the color of the living room walls that my father had painted. My mother took years to make up her mind.on the color. Ehen the walls were painted, it was a blueish green to both of us, By the end of her life it was a greenish blue.

    When I was paying someone twice a week more than 2 years ago to help clean my apartment and do laundry, since I hang clothes in my closet roughly according to color and season, it became obvious , especially on composite colors like purple and lavender and blue greens that my interpretation of colors was not the same as hers.

    There are online tests for tetra color vision, but interpreting them s another matter.

    Source(s): Talk to your art teacher. She may be able to refer you to other sources about color theory and people. Color blindness is sex linked. My closest friend's husband and both of her sons are red green color blind..
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    There are color charts online to check to see if you're color blind. Google them.

    I worked with a boss who could not tell blue from green, he was always mixing up the color coded files.

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    you need to go see your doctor about it and he'll let you know if you have it

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    Try this online test

    Have you ever had an eye exam?

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    there are plenty of online tests for color blindness, try them.

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