BIOLOGY QUESTION!! (please help)?

Briefly explain how the following terms are related to one another in the topic of evolution: extinction, natural selection, phylogeny, speciation, niche, mutation, mimicry, adaptation, and survival of the fittest.

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  • Matt
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    9 months ago

    A niche is like a species's somewhat specific purpose. Like whale sharks have the niche of controlling krill/plankton populations

  • In terms of evolution:

    Extinction occurs when a species is not fit enough

    Natural selection occurs for the fittest species

    Phylogeny shows the evolutionary pathway for many species and the common ancestors

    Speciation is the evolution of a certain species over time

    Niche is the role of an individual in the ecosystem

    Mimicry is a mechanism for surivival

    Adaptation is a mechanism for survivial

    Survival of the Fittest is essentially the theory of natural selection. where the most reproductively fit species survive

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

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