Help me out by asking me a question for the Tarot? ?

This is for me to gain experience in order to run a charity tarot booth at an arts & culture festival in the spring. The offer is "2 Dollar - 2 Minute - 2 Card Tarot Reading." I don't claim to be psychic, and in fact I'm kind of a natural skeptic (and both of those facts are advertised as kinda part of the gimmick of the booth). 

I offer to spend up to 2 minutes answering a one-sentence question by flipping over and interpreting 2 cards. I tell 'em it works best if the question is something meaningful to them, and it doesn't work so great if they ask for lotto numbers or superbowl winners. A 2-card spread can be read like a picture book, or like a sentence (subject then verb), or some combination thereof, but in any case it just takes a little imagination, and no psychic powers at all. I've done it plenty for family, friends, at parties, etc etc, but I figure I need plenty more practice, need to answer questions I didn't see coming, from people I don't get the idea.

So, please, hit me up with a question hewing to the above parameters, and I'll consult the cards & tell you what's what. Clearly not gonna charge you 2 bucks, but I will spend 2 minutes (give or take) trying to figure out what 2 cards might have to say about your sitch. Usual disclaimers: this is for entertainment purposes only, no guarantees or warranties, consult a medic if you develop a rash. I have dayjob and a life of madness, but I'll do my best to respond asap. Fair enough? Thanks for playing.

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