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How to describe the sound of a body falling to the floor in a book, and how do describe someone feeling anxiety?

I'm writing a fanfiction for the tv show "supernatural", on ao3 and I wrote a scence in the first chapter were Sam and Castiel are on the phone, but Castiel passes out from a spell a witch puts on him. The first chapter is in Castiel's POV and the second chapter I'm making it in Sam and Dean's POV. It's not in first person style though, it's in third person. Any ways, on the other side of the phone I want to describe a sound that resembles a body harshly falling to the floor, and a feeling when you start feeling anxiety out of nowhere. 

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you! :)


I realized I spelled scene wrong, and didn't notice until I submitted the question. My bad!

Update 2:

And I used the wrong 'where.' I was typing fast, so again, my bad.

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    A falling body does not make a sound until it hits something. Castor might grunt while he loses consciousness. There might be a soft thus when he hits the floor. If he had wrapped his leg around one leg of a metal bar stool, that might make a clang when it hits a hard floor. His phone needs to be nearby to catch a soft moan or thud. Perhaps the sound of the phone hitting the floor is all the others hear. Oh, they may not hear a thing if the floor is carpeted.

    As for feeling anxious: recall an experience that made you feel anxious. Exams. An essay you could not write that's due on Friday. Your driver's test. Now, from the moment you are waiting for the examiner to arrive to the moment he leaves, list each feeling you remember.

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    You're welcome.

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    I think you describe the sound of the body hitting the floor. There is no sound of the falling.

  • 9 months ago

    flopy fluup flop uwuu

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