Am i a loser? ?

I have a best friend, a guy best friend whom I sit with in all my glasses and a gang that is pretty close, but since I switch up where I am in my free periods Im not as close as the others. I have friends, but they are mostly Boys and game all weekend or are introverts. And some girls friends whom I meet sometimes. I have another best friend in a city far away. The thing is in school I am all set, I have somebody to talk to, even though our group is small and the rest of the class are a big group Who go to big parties together, I feel okay in school. In my free time however, except for a couple of occasional meetups and me and my best friend hanging out sometimes, I am pretty much alone. Im 16 and at my age People are out with friends ALL THE Time. I never get invited to parties and feel so weird for it. I have never shown any interest in it tho, and as a child I was stuck up and used to be that know-it-all Who stopped them from being little bitches so I guess thats understandable. I am really shy and dont really talk to them or want to invade other People so I dont make friends easily because I dont want to brother anyone. Might explain why I dont get invited out. I am bad at making new friends, and have had mine for a long time. The problem is I never think anyone wants to hang out so I never take initiative and feel like **** when people dont ask me out, even tho they do it. I have confidence issues, anyone Who can help with my situation? Appreciate your time :) 

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