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Real Q: let's say God can perceive many accounts of the same future through TV. Wouldn't 2 months feel like an Eternity?

Like, let's say God, or whoever, isn't prescient. He isn't omniscient of the future. But! If I watch a 2 hour long movie 5 times over the course of 10 months, he'd see 10 hours worth of me watching that movie, in 5 increments, spread out over 10 months. If I decided to not shave my beard, he'd know right when the movie was being filmed...

I think God, or Bob or Jeff or whothefvckever is just Precognizant. Through TV, pictures, music, etc. 

So, if I listen to my favorite song, 4 minutes long let's say, 5,000 times...he hears my future thoughts for 20,000 minutes... 20,000 minutes worth of future thoughts being heard, right? 

So, how does he hear each individual segment of thought overlaid with all the others? How does it not drive him crazy? And how is he able to tell which is the first 4 minutes and which is the last 4 minutes?

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    Let's say Gos is eternal but time means nothing, one hour could be eternal. And yet 24 hrs per person times x 7 billion

    Or rather people delegated stewardship would work also

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    8 months ago

    Real Q

    Can god create a disease that's fatal to himself?

    If he can then he's mortal and not a god.

    If he can't then he's not omnipotent. 

    Think about it...

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